Every pool and spa requires chemicals to maintain proper water chemistry. We maintain an inventory of the most popular sanitizers, clarifiers and cleaners.

Specialty Chemicals

  • Fragrances
  • Algaecide 60
  • Magic Lube
  • Fix A Leak
  • OTO 1 Solution
  • Phenol Red
  • Chlorine Eliminator
  • Metal Out

Spa + Pool Cleaning / Protectants

  • Tile & Vinyl Cleaner
  • Scale Off
  • Swirl Away Pipe Cleaner
  • Filter Cleaner
  • Metaltrap Stain Remover
  • Aqua Finesse Pool Water Care Tablet
  • Aqua Finesse SpaClean Tablet
  • Aqua Finesse Hot Tub Water Care Solution

Water Clarifier / Defoamer

  • Super Blue Water Polisher
  • Liquid Floc
  • Defoamer

Water Chemistry

  • Alkalinity Up (1 lb., 5lb., 50 lb.)
  • PH Up
  • PH Down
  • Calcium Hardness Increaser
  • Sodium Bicarbonate (50 lb.)
  • Soda Ash (50 lb.)

Sanitizers / Shock

  • Brominating Tablets (1.5 lb., 4 lb., 25 lb., 50 lb.)
  • Granular Sodium Bromide
  • Chlorine Pucks (25 lb., 50 lb.)
  • Non-Chlorine Spa Shock (2.2 lb., 25 lb., 50 lb.)
  • Calcium Hypochlorite Pool Shock (1 lb. bags)
  • Liquid Chlorine

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